Channel Perspectives: Unlock New Revenue With Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Channel Perspectives: Unlock New Revenue With Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Image result for Channel Perspectives: Unlock New Revenue With Turnkey Marketing SolutionsCustomers are embracing today’s digital transformation trends.

Three out of four B2B buyers conduct most of their research online before making a purchase, according to Hubspot’s Sales Blog. If solution providers don’t keep pace, they will get left behind.

“Customers are engaging, first and foremost, online these days. It could be through social media posts, email, web content syndication, search words and more,” says Maureen Gaumer, senior director of North America channel marketing at Dell EMC. “Partners need to be present in all those places so that they can be found.”

It takes a lot of time and resources for any company to maintain fresh web content. But, that all changes with the Dell EMC Digital Marketing Platform. It makes it simple for solution providers to coordinate content for their website and marketing campaigns. “We’re really committed to driving simple, predictable and profitable marketing efforts so that they can continue to drive pipeline and stay with the momentum they’re already delivering,” says Cheryl Cook, senior vice president of global partner marketing at Dell EMC.

The Dell EMC Digital Marketing Platform offers solution providers turnkey co-branded marketing campaigns, fully integrated social content, closed-loop reporting and analytics, as well as strategic insight. “It allows them to do longer-term planning with their marketing activities so that they can do more integrated marketing,” says Gaumer. “They can nurture customers along their decision-making process to help them ultimately come to a decision and select their solution that they’re recommending.”

Most marketing professionals will say integrating multiple channels under a single integrated marketing strategy is crucial to long-term success. That’s why the Dell EMC Digital Marketing Platform makes it easy for solution providers to select, customize and use content that’s proven to drive sales.